Handmade personalized canvas maps specific to your city and unique to your experiences


Urban adventures bore you, rugged trails put hair on your chest. Luckily we've just added our topography maps to the collection showcasing distance and elevation gain. Get a contour map of any area you like or have us route a custom path for you. Send us a message under the contacts page to start yours today, now go do it. 

Unique by Design

Each map can be customized by city, path, material, and color. Send us a message with your map preferences and showcase your experiences. 

Weekly City

Every week we will add a new city to our collection. 

FREE Shipping

Free shipping on all orders over $150 within the United States. 

Add Your City

Looking for a city that isn't featured in our Shop? Send us a message under the contact tab for a request. We'll do our best to add your city to the collection as soon as we can. Or visit our Custom Paths tab and specify your city during purchase.