Meet Our Artist

Arianna Armelli is our map artist and founder of Nativah Chaya. Arianna is an avid cyclist located in the Bronx region of New York City. Her love for cities derived from a series of abroad travels, specifically her 2010 study abroad biking tour in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  Most if not all her weekends during the spring and summer seasons are spent on two wheels. Arianna is an Architect and learned the figure ground technique for mapping cities during her undergraduate study. Arianna is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. 



"..an arty cartography outfit cool enough to have that vertical line thing as part of their name."
Urban Daddy

Our Story

Nativah Chaya highlights achievements and experiences through a course of travel and presents it in the form of artwork. The medium used is any given map converted into a figure ground with a route or location series indicated and printed onto canvas. The route and location medium is at the discretion of the client. Nativah Chaya art pieces allow different groups of people to share their personal journeys and accomplishments through a visual art piece that isn’t solely available in digital format.